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A content creator utilizing the latest technology in this digital era

Young Videographer

Natural Born Editor

Being an aspiring director of cinema, getting started in the world of shorts, commercials, and music videos was only natural. Working with acts such as “The Reclaimers” and establishments like “Ruckus Gallery”, DeLio looks to collaborate and help promote fellow Philly artists and businesses. Also a fan of gaming, he lends his talents to the esports community and has collaborated with “Nerd St Gaming” on multiple occasions.

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My Services
What may I accomplish for you?

Videography and/or Editing

I’m able to shoot up to 4k, with up to 120 fps for super crisp motion. All footage is shot in BRAW or ProRes 422. I can edit in classic and more modern styles in terms of timing, pacing, transitions, captions, etc.

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Podcast Production

Looking to start a podcast, but don’t know where to get started? Not only do I offer various production packages, but tutoring is also provided to help you transition into a fully independent operation!

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Digital Technician

Looking to get into custom PC building? Maybe looking to go a few steps further and set up a custom home network? Or maybe you’re itching for a custom home theater setup with gaming capabilities? I can provide professional help with any of these tasks, and more!

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Website Management

Looking to build a website, but not sure where, or how, to start? I offer not just site-building, but consultation as well to help you keep costs down during periods of minor maintenance and regular updates.

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